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North American Indian calumet

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North American Indian calumet


North American Indian calumet
Forani Collection
Cat. No: IN06-1431

Barrel and bowl of a calumet (sacred pipe) of carved black stone of North American Indian culture, either Chippewa, aka Ojibwa, people or Santee Sioux, aka Dakota, people. Late 19th century early 20th century, collected before 1931, Ottertail County, Minnesota, USA. L barrel 15.80 cm. H bowl 8.30 cm. D barrel ca 3.00 cm. L each turtle ca 4.00 cm. Acquired: Cannes, France.

Note. There is a type of black pipestone found in South Dakota which is used by Plains Indians to make ceremonial pipes.

Photo: John Noone IMG_0485.jpg

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