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Mayan god-father headdress

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Mayan god-father headdress


Mayan godfather headdress
Forani Collection
Cat. No: IN82-1234

Effigy figure of carved and painted plaster on lightweight fibrous wood. 20th century, Mayan people, Yucatan, Mexico. L 32.00 cm. Acquired: Merida, Mexico.

Note. Church statues in this region are made in the same way (a core of wood covered in plaster) and it is probable that this object was made for and used by a church brotherhood in ceremonies of a non-Christian religious nature (common among all Indian communities in Mesoamerica), and that having become old and full of woodworm, was discarded and replaced. In the Na-Bolom Museum in San Cristobal de las Casas, there is a similar turtle, which is recent Mixtec from the region of Oaxaca and which belonged to the church brotherhood of Santo Domingo Nuxaa in the district of Nochixtlan, who used it in brotherhood ceremonies held to celebrate a baby’s 10th day of life. The child’s godfather wore the turtle on his head.

Photo: John Noone IMG_1667.jpg

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